Industrial demolition projects are often the most complex in our industry, with tasks that require almost surgical precision.  We have successfully

We use the latest ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment to quickly and accurately determine the precise location of metallic and non-metallic fe

Victoria, BC

We were contracted to preserve the wall structure, decorative parapet and railing of one Victoria, BC's oldest character buildings.  Known locally

Vancouver, BC

This challenging project involved preserving and supporting the facade of a 5-storey heritage building in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC.  Dur

Powell River, BC

This project involved demolishing the wood processing room and steam plant of the former Norske Canada pulp and paper mill, located in Powell River

Dan Gaudette

Mr. Gaudette has been in the construction industry for over 26 years with 18 of those years dedicated to the demolition industry. During which time he has gained a tremendous amount of experience in all facets of the demolition industry. He has extensive experience in large scale commercial shopping centre strip-outs, selective engineered demolition & large structural demolitions works.  His dedication to the demolition industry makes Mr. Gaudette a very important & valued member of our demolition team.


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