Our mining personnel have direct experience working throughout North America and around the world.  Whether your project is underground or surface, we can handle your mining project with the highest regard to safety, productivity, cost control, quality of workmanship and professionalism.  Our mining services include:


medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Production Drilling-Blasting.jpgProduction Drilling and Blasting

We provide mine production drilling and blasting services to clients anywhere in the world using state-of-the-art drilling equipment, the latest in detonation systems and highly experienced blasting crews.  Blast designs and tie-ins are produced to ensure maximum fragmentation, to minimize muck throw in areas where dilution is of concern and to control blast vibration to minimize wall damage.


medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Mine Development Photo.jpgMine Development

We provide complete mine contracting and starter pit development services and specialize in pioneering and haul-road development in areas that are extremely difficult to access.  Our specialized drilling equipment will get your mine up and running.



medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Pushbacks Photo.jpgPushbacks

We can help you recover additional ore or stabilize the slopes of your mine.  Our complete package of pushback services includes all rock slope stabilization systems, wall control blasting and assistance with mine design to ensure that your push back is completed safely.



medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Wall Control Drilling-Blasting.jpgWall Control Drilling & Blasting

We offer wall control drilling & blasting programs that limit blast vibration and damage while maintaining the stability of your mine's highwall.  Specialized wall control designs by us have enabled some mining operations to steepen the overall slope of their highwall.  In one recent application, we used local geologic parameters to steepen a highwall from 47 to 63 degrees.


medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Portal Development and Tunneling.jpgPortal Development and Tunneling

We provide a complete package of tunneling services, including portal development and rock slope stabilization above the portal.  Our services also include muck handling, rock stabilization system installation and meeting all ventilation requirements.



medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Drop Raises.jpgDrop Raises

We provide drop raise design and implementation services for drop raises from the bottom of open pits to underground drifts, or for drop raise requirements in underground operations.




medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Rock Slope Stabilization.JPGRock Slope Stabilization

We install high scaling, rock bolting, cable anchors, draped mesh and other slope stabilization systems in open pit mines.  Our crews are available to work anywhere in the world.




audit-servicesDrill and Blast Consulting

Our drill and blast audit services identify any areas of deficiency in your current program and provide recommendations for improvement.  If you are experiencing wall control problems, our audit services can quickly determine the problem areas and provide an economical and practical solution.



medium_Pacific-Blasting-Mining-Service-Special Projects.JPGSpecial Projects

We are noted for “out-of-box” thinking when it comes to providing special project sevices. Whether your project involves cutting high grade ore out of an existing highwall or some other challenge that nobody else has attempted, we can provide the innovative drill / blast design and implementation services you need to get the job done.