About Us

Since 1954, we have provided safe and efficient blasting and demolition services to a wide range of clients.  Back in 1954, we operated from a house in Burnaby, BC.  Since that time Pacific Demolition Ltd. has grown and evolved significantly, now operating offices in Burnaby, BC and Edmonton, AB.

We offer a wide range of selective and complete demolition services.  A reputation for delivering safe, high-quality and cost-effective demolition solutions has made us the contractor of choice for public and private sector clients throughout North America and around the world.

We approach every project from the perspective of reducing, reusing and recycling.  That's because maximizing waste diversion and asset recovery not only supports environmental sustainability, but it also saves our clients money.  Pacific Demolition Ltd. is actively involved in the demolition and salvage / recycling of entire buildings and has an established network of salvage and brokerage contractors who distribute recovered materials globally.

As a member of the National Association of Demolition Contractors, we use the latest innovations in our ever-changing industry.  Our dedicated team of demolition specialists have amassed many years of experience on a wide range of projects.  Their commitment to excellence enables us to develop innovative solutions that make it possible to successfully complete projects in a safe and cost-effective manner while minimizing any disruptions to our clients’ operations.

Our greatest asset is our personnel and we are dedicated to their safety.  We utilize a comprehensive safety program that ensures all potential hazards are addressed prior to commencing work.  All of our employees are actively encouraged to attend ongoing training programs and to help develop enhanced safe work procedures that are effective, efficient and meet or exceed government regulations.