About Us

Pacific Blasting & Demolition has provided safe and efficient blasting and demolition services since 1954.  Back in 1954, the company operated from a house in Burnaby, BC.  Since that time the company has grown and evolved significantly, now operating as two distinct divisions: Blasting / Rock Work and Demolition.

Our Blasting / Rockwork Division offers a wide variety of blasting services for quarrying, mining, housing sub-divisions, highways, railways, pipelines, underwater applications, tunneling, metal hardening, blast densification, and demolition blasting.  Contract mining services are also available.

We provide in-house expertise in the design and implementation of blasting operations through our team of certified specialists.  Every member of our team is qualified and experienced in all phases of controlled blasting in close proximity to structures and utilities.  We use state-of-the-art methods and equipment to design and initiate all blasting operations.  Every blast is computer designed and initiated with either electric sequential blasting machines or non-electric systems.  Shock waves and air blasts from every shot are monitored and recorded.

Our rock slope stabilization specialists are experts in high energy impact rockfall catchment fences, rock bolting, rock slope scaling, trim blasting, and shotcreting.  Engineering firms and government agencies around the world recognize our experience and commitment to public safety.

Our crews and equipment are available on short notice, whether your project is in our backyard or out of country.  We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of safety, productivity and professionalism with every project.  Contact us to find out how we can use innovative techniques and the latest technology to save you time and money on your next blasting or rock work project.