Rock Slope Stabilization

We are recognized worldwide for our capabilities in high-angle rockwork.  Our crews are experts in rock slope stabilization using high scaling, rock bolting, trim blasting, shotcrete and mesh installations.  In the case of an emergency, you can count on us to rapidly mobilize our crews anywhere in the world.


High Scaling

Our high scalers are fully trained and qualified in high angle rope access work.  Whether its using scale bars to sound for "drummy" areas or controlled blasting and air bags for large blocks, our crews have the tools and experience to get the job done safely and efficiently.



Rock Bolting & Anchors

We offer a wide range of rock bolting and anchor services.  Our crews use specialized drills and Spider Cages.  Rock bolts are installed as tensioned bolts or passive dowels and are secured with epoxy or high strength cement grouts.  Our crews then carry out testing of the rock bolts and grout as part of our quality assurance program.


Trim Blasting

Our trim blasting services can help avoid further damage to the rock mass behind your trim line.  We use controlled shots to selectively remove zones or unstable rock.  All work is completed under the supervision of one our highly-experienced blasting supervisors.




Our drain installation services will relieve the water pressure in any rock slope.  We can quickly and efficiently drill drain holes into a rock slope and line them with slotted PVC drain pipe.  In certain applications, we also install complete plumbing systems to direct water away from rock slopes.


Drape Mesh

Our crews have extensive experience with the installation of drape mesh on rock slopes.  We have developed innovative techniques using helicopters to improve the efficiency of installations.  Our crews fasten mesh panels at the top of the rock face using a brow cable and ensure they are overlapped to provide continuous coverage of the rock slope.


High Energy Rock Fall Fence

Our crews have extensive experience in the installation of high energy impact rock fall net systems manufactured by a variety of suppliers.  These fence systems are typically located along the toe of the rock slope and are used to protect people and infrastructure from the hazards of falling rock.



We have extensive experience with the installation of both dry and wet shotcrete systems on high rock faces.  Our crews typically install steel fibre or poly reinforced fibre systems to seal and reinforce the strength of the rock face.  Test panels are shot by our certified nozzlemen and sent for quality assurance testing.


Heli-Portable Access Equipment

Over the last 60 years we have developed specialized heli-portable drilling and support equipment for carrying out drilling in remote locations.  This equipment is routinely used for installation of rock anchors for wind monitoring towers, communications towers and hydro installations.